Peru's President To Remain In Office As Impeachment Fails

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kucznski remains in office after failure of Congress to get votes required for impeachment.

President Kucznski is among the list of world leaders involved with series of corruption investigation.

The argument for his removal from office arose after allegations that he accepted bribes during his years of service as the country's finance minister and prime minister.

This impeachment moves by lawmakers started last week. Opposition lawmakers made revelation of $782,000 undisclosed payment from Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht to Kucznski's two consulting firms between 2004 and 2006 while he was finance minister and prime minister.

Kucznski however acknowledged receipt of the stipend but deemed it as legal.

While speaking to Columbia Blu Radio on Thursday morning he said ''Congress isn't going to remove me, they don't have 87 votes. Later on he appeared before the Congress hours before the votes, restating his innocence.

Now it is important to know that for impeachment to hold two third majorities which is 87 out of the 130 Congressional leaders have to vote in support but only 79 voted for President Kucznski removal.

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