Indian: Christians Protesting Against Attacks On Churches In Delhi

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The president of the Catholic Church in India has expressed concern over the rising number of attacks against Christians, and has urged the government to ensure their security.

Cardinal Baselios Cleemis and other church leaders met Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday to press for greater security for the Christian community.

“The minister assured us that immediate action would be taken to bring the culprits to justice and ensure the safety of the community,” Cleemis said.

Last week, 30 Catholic choir singers were attacked in the Satna district of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh by right-wing Hindus who accused them of practicing religious conversion.

Local church leaders accused police of arresting the choir members instead of the culprits. “What happened in Satna isn’t an encouraging sign for minorities,” said Cleemis.

“You arrest people on the basis of a rumor, you ignore arson and assault, and you let the culprits go scot free. This worries us,” he added.

“We need the government to act immediately to ensure all possible ways of giving confidence to minorities in India,” Cleemis said.

“India belongs to everyone. If something happens to one community, it affects the entire country. We want a united India with diversity intact.”

Christians were reportedly attacked on (Friday Dec 22), in the BJP-governed western state of Rajasthan, again over accusations of religious conversion, a charge the minority community in India vehemently denies.

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