Spanish Police Clash With Angry Catalonia Protesters

Spanish Police Clash With Angry Catalonia Protesters.

Emergency serices have treated at least 38 people for various injuries which were sustained during riots between protesters and riot police, the Catalan government reported on Twitter.The government called the injuries "the result of the repression by the Spanish police".

Witnesses report Spanish riot police has fired rubber bullets at people partaking in the Catalan referendum on independence.

Several people claimed they were injured by the rubber balls fired by the police.

Another man showed injuries to his back saying that "we have to protest in a non violent way but but how will we end up? This way.

"Catalan regional president Carles Piedgement, one of the main proponents of the controversial referendum, has strongly condemned the use of any kind of violence. Piedgement said the "injustifiable violence" creates a terrible image of Spain

Jordi Turull, spokesman forCatalonia's government, has said that 73 percent of about 6,000 polling stations are open despite a crackdown by police to try to halt the referendum.

Turull called for Catalans to remain calm and patient but to defend "in a civic and peaceful manner" their right to vote after riot police blocked voting in some polling centers and confiscated ballot boxes amid clashes with protesting voters.

08:45 GMT - Regional government members cast vote despite police interference

Several members of the Catalan regional government have cast their ballots in the banned referendum on independence. Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont had to divert to Cornella de Terri, near the northern city of Girona, after police took over control of the original polling station where he planned to vote.

Puigdemont is one of the key separatist politicians who has pushed to go ahead with the vote despite the Constitutional Court banning the referendum.

Spanish media report that regional vice president Oriol Junqueras also had to go to a different polling location after police took control of the station where he originally planned to cast his vote.

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