Hundred days in London and still publishing for photo's by - Fani Kayode.

  Hundred days in London still publishing photo's - Fani Kayode.

   President Muhammadu Buhari receives Senate President Bukola Saraki and Speaker of House of Representatives Hon. 

Yakubu Dogara at the Abuja House London on 17th Aug 2017 Those that demand that he should “resume or resign” are being attacked and brutalised by security forces and agents of the state. The Buhari government has no respect for human rights and civil liberties. 

Charly Boy Oputa, Deji Adeyanju, Ariyo Dare- Atoye, Jude Ndukwe and other notable figures and leaders of the “Our Mumu Don Do” movement were brutalised and almost murdered by Buhari’s savage footsoldiers at Wuse Market in Abuja the other day simply because they dared to go on a demonstration and ask for the President to “resume or resign”.

 If that had happened Nigeria would have exploded yet no arrests have been made and the government seems unperturbed.

 Tension has gripped the land as we approach October 1st and the Nigerian people have expressed deep concern about what is unfolding yet all we are fed with on a daily basis are pictures of an ailing Buhari, holding court in London and granting audience to his friends, political associates, family members and loyalists. The whole thing is not only inappropiate and undignified but it is also deeply insulting. 

Simply put it is sordid. Meanwhile the world laughs us to scorn and mocks our nation. We are a nation in which an Acting President who is scared of his own shadow, has been reduced to a mere national co-ordinator and that is in the power of a faceless and tiny cabal . 

The truth is that we are now a full-fledged dictatorship that is being controlled and presided over by a tiny cabal with a religious and ethnic agenda. 

This, together with an unrelenting, though unsuccessful attempt, to demonise and crush the traditional opposition and silence all forms of dissent has resulted in the irresistable rise of powerful and well-organised secessionist and separatist groups such as the Yoruba Liberation Command (YOLICOM) and the Nnamdi Kanu-led Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

 The fact that the Federal Government is incapable of encouraging national cohesion and integration but is instead saddled with a morbid obsession to try to destroy President Goodluck Jonathan and rubbish his excellent legacy speaks volumes. 

The lies and propaganda of the Buhari administration are second to none. Simply put they are filled with deceit, deception, mendacity and hate. They have sought to demonise and destroy more innocent Nigerians than any other Government in our entire history. They have killed more innocent Nigerians than any other Government in our history outside of the civil war. 

They have locked up more innocent Nigerians and subjected them to shameful and barbaric witchunts and media trials than any other civilian Government in the history of our country.

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